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Bloomington chiropractor, Steven Casper has been trained in many different treatment styles and does not rely on a dogmatic treatment approach. The treatment approach he utilizes is a mixed bag of interventions that are based first on a thorough assessment. Casper has been trained in the soft tissue techniques of Graston (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and Active Release Techniques (ART, manual myofascial release), and blends these types of soft tissue therapies with traditional chiropractic adjusting of the spine and extremities.

He can tailor the adjusting and soft tissue treatment to fit the patient’s needs and/or wants, for example, more or less aggressive. Dr. Casper uses manual therapy (adjusting and soft tissue work) to control pain levels and create a window where more active forms of treatment, such as therapeutic exercise, can be implemented. Active treatment incorporates the patient as an active participant in the rehabilitation process. Steven has found this is the best way to achieve wellness without feeling dependent on a particular therapy to keep pain free and functional. You can learn more about Dr. Casper via his website.

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Amanda is both a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and certified personal trainer and understands the unique needs each of us has as we fuel and move through each day.  Amanda is a believer in intuitive eating and Health at Every Size and works with her clients to tune back into themselves and tune out trendy diets or food rules.  She thrives in helping clients find joy in how they fuel, move, and feel about their bodies as they break free from food rules, negative body image, and diets that are consistently not working. 

With Amanda, clients are able to break out of restriction (did you know 90% of diets fail?) and food fear and tune back into their body and it’s unique needs with mindfulness and care. Her positive attitude, compassion, and depth of knowledge make each client feel heard, accepted, and ultimately empowered in their own skin. 

Amanda meets with clients at Urban Fitness Studio by appointment and offers both 60 minute and 30-minute sessions. Learn more about working with Amanda and Wholehearted Nutrition here

The Wholehearted Philosophy

  • A comprehensive approach to your wellness and nutrition that takes into consideration the whole person
  • No diets or restrictions or food rules or punishing yourself for what you eat
  • Intuitive eating, food freedom, and eating in a way that makes you feel good-sometimes this includes dessert, regularly
  • That movement should not only feel good but be enjoyable
  • Exercise should not be used as punishment for what you ate, how your body looks, or any other reason. Health at Every Size and weight neutrality-everybody can pursue health and our worth does not lie in a number. Food is more than fuel, movement is not just exercise, and all of our bodies are deserving of love, compassion, and care

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