Casper Chiropractic

Bloomington chiropractor, Steven Casper has been trained in many different treatment styles and does not rely on a dogmatic treatment approach. The treatment approach he utilizes is a mixed bag of interventions that are based first on a thorough assessment. Casper has been trained in the soft tissue techniques of Graston (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) and Active Release Techniques (ART, manual myofascial release), and blends these types of soft tissue therapies with traditional chiropractic adjusting of the spine and extremities.

He can tailor the adjusting and soft tissue treatment to fit the patient’s needs and/or wants, for example, more or less aggressive. Dr. Casper uses manual therapy (adjusting and soft tissue work) to control pain levels and create a window where more active forms of treatment, such as therapeutic exercise, can be implemented. Active treatment incorporates the patient as an active participant in the rehabilitation process. Steven has found this is the best way to achieve wellness without feeling dependent on a particular therapy to keep pain free and functional. You can learn more about Dr. Casper via his website.

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