Anna is a 200-hour certified yoga teacher and continues to grow her love of both teaching and practicing yoga with functional training. Come find your breath and join her in a welcoming group setting,  Classes include breath-work, thoughtful sequencing, and meditation. 

Why virtual yoga at UFS?

  • As a 7+ year personal trainer and registered yoga teacher, Anna’s awareness of the body and programming deepens her class design as traditional yogic philosophy blends with functional training.
  • If you're  a current client of UFS, practice with a teacher who is privy to your personal goals, limitations, and needs while designing class with you in mind.
  • If you're a new member of the UFS community, let Anna get to know you! Please feel free to reach out with any questions -

Custom Virtual Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions: Cut out a commute and practice from the comfort and safety of your own home.  Virtual sessions include a check-in, breath work, a sequence that best meets your needs that day, and a guided savasana that leaves you better than when you began.  All levels of yoga practitioners from all locations and walks of life are welcomed and encouraged.


Half Hour Private Yoga Session $40
Full Hour Private Yoga Session: $70
Private Yoga Hour Package (3): $190

Booster Package: $240

Receive a custom sequence that is created with your goals and limitations in mind to empower you in your practice.  Invest in the Booster Package if you’re looking to strengthen a particular area of your practice or want to build a home practice for yourself. Included in the booster package is a custom 60-minute sequence and 3 private yoga hours.

Virtual Group Yoga Classes

2021 group class schedule to come soon!



What Our Client's Say!

"Practicing yoga with Anna is not only the perfect introduction to learning poses, but is also calming, encouraging, and expanding.  I’ve tried yoga elsewhere but never have I found an instructor like Anna who helps me feel confident and relaxed, who works with what I can do and gently enriches and enhances my capacity, and who cares as much about the mental practice as the physical practice. I feel better and I can do more thanks to Anna’s teachings." - Yoga Student Testimony