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Socially Engaged

When committing to a better version of yourself, it may be hard to stay committed and engaged in your routine. New affairs arise during the course of a person’s life and may push your fitness goals aside. Then, a couple of months later you become conscious of your actions away from the health-based goals you had set for yourself.

Try to not feel down on yourself, it happens to us all. For instance, even fitness professionals that help other’s achieve health goals, sometimes lose track of their own health. Additionally, many of your friends have most likely experienced this barrier to exercise. Therefore, according to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), grabbing those friends and committing to health together has been proven to raise commitment to lifestyle change.

Social support can have many different looks but, in essence, it is the presence of another being(s) in your daily life that helps progress you on your goals. A couple of tips from ACE on creating a good social support system include:

  1. Commit with your significant other
  2. Find a buddy with similar goals for symbiotic support
  3. Surround your life with “cheerleaders”
  4. Connect with like-minded people
  5. Seek out existing support groups
  6. Make friends at work
  7. Identify barriers you may have in your daily life

The power of social support even goes beyond physical activity but even into organizational commitment. In the Journal of Social Psychology, when employees were given support from both their supervisors as well as other coworkers, the employees’ affective commitment grew. Consequently, if an individual were to build a well-rounded social support system, it will engage them in many different aspects of life. Ultimately, helping you live a life that is happy and healthy!

When trying to build the correct type of intervention to reach your commitment goals it is important to focus on positive behavior change. According to a publication by the University of Wisconsin, education, group/ individual counseling, and plans tailored to an individual needs lead to expected benefits. These benefits include increased physical activity, improved physical fitness, improved health outcomes, and an improved mental state.

At Urban Fitness Studio, we do our best to provide with support while you are in the facility. Additionally, our hybrid program continues motivating you outside of the studio. We believe in the power of people and we strongly believe in tailoring plans for you in a safe and welcoming environment.


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