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October 6, 2019
October 20, 2019
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On Target

          Imagine someone gives you a bow and says, “Shoot”. What would your immediate thoughts be? Maybe; how do use a bow? Which arrow do I use? Most importantly, where am I to shoot? What’s the target? You could just shoot it at random and wherever it lands, that’s where it ends up. However, if you received a target; suddenly, you have something to aim at and a purpose the activity you are doing.

          Life works in a similar way. How are you to act if you have not set up a target for yourself? Creating strong goals in our lives will give our life a sense of purpose and increase our overall sense of wellness. This wellness may even spread to other parts of our lives and completing anything can become simple. Here are a few steps you could follow to make the most of your goals.

1. Decide your intentions – this goal should be something that you are passionate about. That will increase your motivation to get started
2. Write it down – once it is on paper, your adherence tends to increase because your plan starts to become real. Try to write in positive terms and be as specific as possible here.
3. Tell someone, anyone, everyone – you will be even more likely to stick to your goal. Additionally, other people may start to encourage you and may even join your cause.
4. Break it down – be as specific as you can. It is great to have big aspirations, but it is equally important to break those aspirations into smaller goals for yourself.
5. Keep going – sometimes the journey to your goal may be difficult. However, go back to what you wrote down and find the purpose you saw earlier. If you don’t, that’s okay, you can readjust your goal to be tailored for whatever you want most in life.
6. Celebrate – when you reach a milestone or the completion of your goal, make sure to celebrate with something that makes you feel great!

          According to many universities, such as Iowa State University, Michigan State University, and the Indiana University School of Public health, the SMART acronym is a proven way to make goals stick. SMART stands for…

S – Specific – The who, what, and where of your goal
M – Measurable – adding numbers and units to track your progress
A – Attainable – within your ability to complete
R – Relatable – Something that you are personally attached to
T – Time-bound – having an end date to your goal. This makes sure you are not putting off your goal

          Some Sources have slightly different words for the acronym; however, having this structure will allow for higher compliance, according to a Michigan State University study. In the case that you see yourself struggling with a goal, don’t worry. Life sometimes throws barriers and your goals may become less relevant. Try to reevaluate and start on your new set goal. Ask your trainer to set some SMART goals with you. Urban Fitness Studio professionals will make sure you have all the right tools to get you to where you’d like to be.

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