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November 3, 2019
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Navigation of Aviation Considerations

The thought of visiting a new place may excite you and begin your endless mirage of daydreams. You may be imagining the warm particles of sand under your feet or the sound of dry palm leaves brushing against one another. Perhaps, you may be imagining the energy of hearing foreign languages all around you as you walk through the historic streets of Europe. Equally, you may be thinking about seeing your family during the holidays that you have not seen in a year. Whatever the purpose of your trip is, you have to get there. You may travel by car, train, bus, or most commonly, a plane. As much ease as planes present, there many difficulties that you should be ready for. 

Some issues that accompany being on a plane may include stress, dehydration, bloating, and a drain on energy levels. Nevertheless, do not let these deter you from your trip. There are options you may explore to remedy any problems.

  • Stress may affect you before even flying from standing in long lines, going through security, or the fear of being late. To counter this, try to give yourself as much time as possible and think about any issues you may encounter before your flight.
  • Dehydration is a major component during air travel. Approximately 50% of the air in an airplane comes from outside; therefore, the air has very low humidity. This may give you a headache or dry out your nostrils or throat. To combat this, pack an empty water bottle in your carry-on to fill up after security.
  • Due to the lower air pressure while flying, your body will receive less oxygen and make you feel drained. Similarly to the latter solution, stay hydrated. The water along with regularly standing up and walking in the cabin will keep your blood moving.
  • Lastly, you may feel bloated from the pressure changes, lack of moisture in the air, and the sitting position you may be stuck in. These factors may trap gasses in your stomach and intestines giving that feeling of being bloated. Try to pass up on fast food in the terminal to avoid making the gasses worse.

These are a couple of tips that may make your traveling healthier and an overall better experience for you. Additionally to fixing issues that arise, try to stay active if you have the time. Instead of adding more sitting time before you board, take a walk around the terminal and do stretches of your major muscle groups. A unique part of the Urban Fitness Studio service offering includes the hybrid program. This program has your professional personal trainer create plans for you that you may complete outside of the studio. Therefore, they may create a plan for you during your travel that you may do in the airports, on the airplane, in your hotel room/gym, or anywhere else your travel takes you. Although traveling takes some planning, it is one of the most rewarding aspects of living on this beautiful earth.

Happy exploring!

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