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June 9, 2019
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Nature Lovin’

The birds chirping, the sun is sizzling, and Bloomington has emptied until August. This warm and pleasant time calls for outdoor adventure and opportunities to set healthy habits for yourself. These may be to walk more, finding indulging places around town, or finding the time to rekindle your social wellness. Whatever your new goals may be, we are here to help you along the way!

Some people, especially ones who live in scenic Bloomington, love nature and want to find the most beautiful trails to get lost in. Furthermore, research done by the University of Minnesota shows that spending time in nature can reduce our stress by altering the way our nervous, endocrine, and immune system work. In essence, this means that our internal systems become as happy and healthy as the environment that we are in.

Along with reducing our stress, nature has the power of increasing our ability to pay attention. This happens because humans are inherently interested in what happens in nature. Furthermore, with all the information that is thrown at us that our minds must process, focusing on nature allows us to refresh and restore tranquility.  Additionally, children diagnosed with ADHD who spent time in nature had an increased attention span later in life.

Luckily, living in Bloomington provides a great environment to connect to nature. My personal favorite spot in Bloomington is the Griffy Lake Nature Preserve. This space is close to town and has an opportunity for trail running, bird watching, kayaking, fishing, and hiking! Additionally, along with this space, there are many other parks in the local vicinity. Click here for a list of parks provided by VisitBloomington. In addition to all the health benefits that nature provides, your social media presence is sure to get a kick!

Whether you choose a long day hike or a 15-minute excursion into nature, you are sure to benefit your well-being. As part of any training sessions you choose at Urban Fitness Studio, you are sure to find an exercise specialist that will help you find what you are looking for. We will also help prepare you for the most rewarding and safe experience while out on the trails.

Happy Exploring!


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