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August 24, 2016
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December 4, 2017
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Holidays or Holi-daze?

Holidays or Holi-daze?

It’s that time of the year again! Welcome to the final two months of 2016 (!)–the finale of the year, marketed for its thanksgiving and joy.

November and December give us the moments some wait for all year long–season change, time is spent with those nearest and dearest, and the world enters a time of open hearts, gratitude, and generosity. This time of year also brings massive amounts of comfort food, reflection, expectations, and stresses we thought we put to rest last year around this time. It is widely accepted to throw yourself into a food-induced coma and begin hibernation with two months left of the year.

We tend to joyfully accept a culturally accepted “pause” on taking care of our physical selves, yet simultaneously over-extend ourselves to meet the expectations of ourselves, others, and what we believe our holidays should look like.

‘Tis the season to stop should-ing yourself.

Set your intentions early. How can you enter January of 2017 feeling stronger and more centered than ever?

Take a notebook and start writing:

What are your core values?
What are your end of the year goals?
What needs to happen for you to make it to the other side of the holidays without needing to say “I should have rested/eaten/moved/etc {insert self-care activity here} more or less?
What is a realistic game plan so you can continue to move forward through the end of the year?

Winter holidays don’t have to be a time where your self-care goes by the wayside. In fact, this is the time of the year we need those habits the most. Being a generous and joyous host or guest does not mean running yourself into the ground. Yes, even you cannot pour from an empty cup. You must take care of yourself first.

Don’t wait for the new year to recreate yourself. Spend the rest of the year investing in yourself – your movement, your nutrition, and your stillness. Challenge yourself to set healthy boundaries so you can arrive in 2017 unscathed by the holidays, and feeling encouraged with a sound mind and body.

Need an accountability partner or someone on your team to end 2016 on the best note possible? One of our trainers would love to set up an in-studio training program with you or schedule Skype sessions while you travel. We are stronger together, and here for our clients no matter the season.

Written and photographed by Anna Branam, co-owner