Feel stuck in your mind or body wellness?

Working with a personal trainer but still struggling to jump over the wellness hurdles outside of your session?  

Thriving at your job but challenged to prioritize yourself?

Feel stuck in the cycles of "to do" versus feeling present and and content? 


Anna, a Certified Life Coach (CLC), partners with clients who feel stuck in their mind or body health so they can discover their strength to live confidently and vitally.

Let's work together so we can identify your next best steps and how to get there efficiently. Through our sessions, you'll knock down barriers and make progress to the path you feel called to walk.

Coaching FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions 

What does working with Anna look like?

    • Working with Anna holds  coaching sessions provide a safe and supportive space for growth. Anna partners with clients to help them make decisions that are in line with their goals, simplify their life, and find peace and fulfillment.

What does a CLC actually do and why would I work with one?

  • A CLC partners with clients to help them close the gap from where they are to where they want to be. A Coach will help clients identify barriers and come up with a customized action plan with attainable next steps. If you have a goal but are struggling to either know or implement the steps to be successful, you're in the right place! Let's chat.

How is a CLC different than a therapist or a consultant?

  • Coaching works with the present while therapy works with the past. A consultant will give advice to clients on what to do while a coach listens to a client and empowers them to tease out their best game plan.

What is the cost and what are my options for payment?

  • Coaching can be done "a la carte" or one session at a time, or in a 3 or 6 month contract (monthly payments).  The contracts offer a discount for your commitment to consistency (the most effective way to make progress!) and flexibility for pricing depending on how many times you'd like to meet. You can learn more about coaching here

Have any questions about coaching or if it's a good fit for you? Let's start the conversation.

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"Talking with Anna gave me the clarity and space I'd been looking for.  She helped me identify my next steps and I left feeling validated, supported, and encouraged."


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