Dear Studio Community,

Our team has loved being able to safely see you in the studio or online for virtual sessions!

If both you and your trainer are interested and comfortable to train  face-to-face,  below is what you can expect from us for the foreseeable future:

  1. A clean mask worn by both trainers and clients will be required to enter the space.

  2. Please plan to bring your own water. Studio glasses are not an option for the short term.

  3. We ask that you please wait in your car if you drove, or outside if you walked, for your scheduled session. To avoid prolonged time in the lobby, your trainer will text, call, or otherwise signal to you through the windows when it is time for you to enter the space.

  4. To allow for more time for sanitizing and less contact in the studio space, session times will be staggered so our normal scheduling times will not apply. This new schedule can vary depending on time preference by you (i.e. say 10:15am versus 10:00am start time).

  5. Only one personal training session will occur in the space at once. You and your trainer will have the front two studio spaces to spread out in. There is a chance a chiropractic session could be occurring in the back studio. At most, there will be one chiropractor client and one personal training session occurring in our 1500 square foot space at one time. 

  6. All equipment that was touched during your session will be put in one place for your trainer to sanitize at the end of your hour together before placing equipment back. 

  7. Our showers are not an option to be used at this point; however, the restrooms are open if you need to use them. Please note that hand towels continue to be single-use. 

  8. Frequent handwashing and space sanitization will continue to occur.

  9. Please do not come in if:

    1. You have felt feverish or experienced a cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or GI distress in the past 72 hours.

    2. You, or someone you have had close contact with, has been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the past 14 days

    3. You have traveled via airplane domestically or internationally in the past 14 days

Thank you so much for letting us support you in the ways we can, while doing it as safely as possible! Our continued goal is to do what's best for you, our studio team, and our Bloomington community at large.

Thank you for your flexibility and patience as we continue to navigate new territory together.  Please let us know if you have any questions about how you can best move forward.

With gratitude,

Anna, Studio Owner


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